A DAY of acoustic music will celebrate the six months of Warrington Music (WAM) at Warrington Bus Interchange.

The event, on Saturday, April 20, will feature local favourites such as The Roughneck Riot and Kye Jones, and new acts such as The Ambersons and In Blue Skies (pictured). It follows the first session in December.

Lee Harman, head of the group, said: “Having a family practically spend the day in the interchange watching the bands was exactly why we wanted to do the event in the first place, to get people who you wouldn’t usually find in a live music venue, engaging with local music, be they young or old.

“The response was so good, we had people asking us to come back every week.”

The Saturday acoustic sessions brings to a close a series of live events over the past four months, which has brought in more than 500 people, and included two EP release shows, on top of releasing a free compilation album in December.

Lee added: “Since WAM started, we have worked with many artists/bands who have then gone on to get management deals or have quality radio play and it’s great to see a music scene starting to emerge again, by working with venues and by working with other promoters, we can attract bigger acts and bigger crowds to events in Warrington. “March 17 sees the six month anniversary of this idea and really glad to see how it’s developed.”


Noon: Kim Jennett
12:30pm: Dan Solan
1pm: Kye Jones
1.30pm: Jodie & The Makins
2pm: Electric Mafia
2.30pm: Sonnic Image
3pm: Old Town Quartet
3.30pm: The Diamond Bays
4pm: The God Complex
4.30pm: The Roughneck Riot
5pm: In Blue Skies
5.30pm: The Ambersons