THE granddaughter of an 85-year-old Orford woman has spoken out after the pensioner was conned into paying £80 for a duvet cover.

Karen Lee branded the woman, who claimed to be from St Rocco’s and the Salvation Army, as ‘disgusting’.

Ms Lee said: “I don’t know how they sleep at night.

“My nan is the sort of person if she sees someone who is homeless she’ll give them money for a cup of tea.

“I had been there to see her that day, so this happened just after I left.

“She said she gave her the money, which is pretty much her pension for the week, because she just wanted her to leave.

“Would these people like this to happen to their grandparents?

“I feel sick to my stomach that people do this.”

The trickster visited her nan’s home on Pentland Avenue on October 19.

She then convinced the pensioner, who has COPD and lives alone, to pay £80 in cash for a single duvet cover and pillowcase.

Ms Lee says she first offered the bedding for free to gain entry.

After telling her victim the money was going to charity she persuaded her to hand over the money.

She did not produce any identification.

“We have told her never to open the door to someone like that but she has always been independent,” said Ms Lee.

“That doesn’t mean she isn’t vulnerable because her breathing is terrible and she struggles to walk from the couch to the door.

“Since this has happened she doesn’t want to go out anymore.

“She gets to the gate and doesn’t want to.

“It’s knocked her confidence.”

And Ms Lee is now warning others in the area to be vigilant.

“It’s unbelievable that people will go to these lengths and people need to be on the lookout,” she added.