AN Appleton teenager is turning the pennies from his part-time job into producing his own EP.

Josh Healey, of Chiswick Gardens, is recording his CD Lifeboats and Relationships at Blueprint studios, used by Manchester band Elbow among other big names.

“I don’t go out,” the 19-year-old said. “All of my money goes on petrol to get to gigs, guitar strings and now recording.

“My family is very supportive. My dad has my songs playing in his car and they are the first critics on unfinished songs which helps me a lot. “My friends genuinely like the songs and it would be nice if I get really big to be able to repay them for their support.

“My dream is to play gigs every day to dedicated fans who enjoy the music, I wouldn’t mind if things don’t get to a crazy level of fame because there is no better feeling than a room singing a song back to you, even if it’s only a crowd of 50. But of course a record deal would be lovely.”

Josh is a self-taught musician and learned to play guitar by ear from internet clips.

Last week BBC Radio Merseyside played his latest song Niamh’s song, written for his sister. BBC 6 presenter Tom Robinson also featured the song on his website, Fresh on the Net.

Josh is ambitious with his music but has his feet firmly on the ground and is starting university next September at Aberdeen to study English literature.

Josh is also a poet and an aspiring actor, having appeared as Timothy Spall’s son in Heartless and Mark in Worried about the Boy with Matt Horne.

He is inspired by 1960s American folk and country music, along with Paul Simon and Bob Dylan.