ON A beautiful warm and bright May morning six people met at the lovely Leighton Moss Reserve on the edge of Morecambe Bay.

On the feeders near to the centre we saw tits and other small birds feeding including bullfinches and chaffinches in their lovely red plumage and nearby a Cetti’s warbler was calling from the scrub.

Although calling regularly we were unable to find this elusive bird.

Great and blue tits were on the feeders and a marsh tit had been seen earlier.

A collection of ducks was visible from the hides overlooking the reed beds but the highlight was a marsh harrier which soared on the thermals before quartering the reeds in search of prey. With the light perfect we were able to see the full glory of this lovely bird.

Ruff was seen with a few blacktailed godwits from the Lilian Hide but views from the public hide were disappointing. We were able to hear reed warblers calling but they were not showing.

A trip to the Allan Hide gave us avocets and a large number of squawking black-headed gulls.

Oystercatchers were also to be seen.

From the Eric Morecambe hide we saw a large flock of black-tailed godwits, redshank and a solitary widgeon.

Butterflies were out and orange tip, small tortoise shell and brimstone were seen.

Flowers included marsh marigold, wood anemone, lesser celandine and primrose.

A trip to Warton Quarry brought an immediate sighting of a peregrine falcon which flew around and then perched on a ledge followed by a sparrow hawk being mobbed by jackdaws.

A total of 54 birds were recorded.