WARRINGTON Speakers Club January Meeting was held recently at the Village Hotel.

The theme for the evening was ‘Inventions in History’ with president John Hill telling us the story of Ken Wood who invented a simple electric food mixer that went on to help housewives all over the world save valuable time in the kitchen.

Eric Jennings shared with us the story of Second World War forces’ sweetheart Vera Lynn who could not read music or sing in tune when she first started singing with her parents at local functions, but eventually worked hard and re-invented herself, becoming an award-winning recording artist.

John Sanson ranted on his soapbox on how he finds the baseball cap a useless piece of head gear.

Inour popular topic session, guests were invited to join in and share with us their New Year’s resolutions.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, February 12, at the Village Hotel.

Guests and new members are always welcome.

Following on from the successful membership building effective public speaking held in 2014, another course has been planned.

For any member of the general public interested in details please telephone Fred Jones on 01606 882696 or toastmasterxtra@talktalk.net.