Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini has said his arrest as part of Operation Yewtree has changed his view of his adopted home.

The American-born presenter and DJ was arrested in October 2013 over a sexual assault claim, allegations which he denied, and spent a year on bail before being told he would not face charges because of insufficient evidence.

Gambaccini, who became a UK citizen in 2005, is taking action against the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service.

He told Radio Times magazine: “The issue now is the future of my relationship with the British state.

“Not the British people, but so much of what I believed about Britain has been turned on its head.”

The arrest also inspired Gambaccini’s new theatre show.

An Evening with Paul Gambaccini (subtitled The Great Gambo – the Professor of Pop) is a 21-date tour starting on April 6, which lifts the lid on the star’s life story.

There will also be a Q&A with the audience and darker times will be discussed, including the Operation Yewtree allegations.

He said of why he is doing the tour: “Because I’m earning less from the BBC than I used to, why not make some money somewhere else?

“My husband’s (actor Christopher Sherwood) agent knew someone who worked on Jim Davidson’s tour he did post-Yewtree (2014’s No Further Action).

“That had been successful so when it was suggested to me I thought, ‘Why not?’”