Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore has revealed that even though he has just finished an album, he still hits the studio every day.

The musician, who rose to fame with the synth band during the Eighties, has just released his second solo album MG.

Martin admitted: “Maybe there’s a bit of a workaholic in me, though I’m not going in to really work as such, I’m more playing around. And while I’m playing around I might come up with something, an idea that I go on to use.”

Depeche Mode
Martin Gore is part of Depeche Mode (Jack Plunkett/Invision)

Despite his regular studio visits, Martin said he didn’t have loads of music hoarded away.

“I’m a very good editor and I bin most of what I make. I don’t have vaults and vaults of music sitting there. I know what happens to people like Bob Marley when they die, and unfinished songs are released forever. If I’m working on something and I think it’s no good, it gets destroyed very carefully.”

His new album features instrumental tracks, and he revealed he started writing them while he was making the last Depeche Mode album.

“We ended up not using them because we had way too many songs. These days Dave [Gahan] and I write songs for Depeche Mode, so we had a huge amount of material. I thought it would be a good idea to carry on writing instrumentals with the goal of writing a whole album. But then Depeche Mode went on tour, and we finished last March, so I got cracking again after that and carried on writing instrumentals.”

Martin Gore and Dave Gahan
Martin writes with singer Dave Gahan (Jack Plunkett/Invision)

Martin said working on his own wasn’t a problem, as it was something he was used to.

“It’s something that I’ve done for a long time, even when I write for the band. It’s only when we decide on when we’re recording that I work with other people. And I probably enjoy that more, the recording with the band and a producer, but I’ve always seen songwriting as a solitary thing. I want to do it alone.”

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