LYMM’s Delphina Kings will be supporting Independent Venue Week next year, saying it helps keep the culture of music alive.

The trio will be the main support for Man and The Echo at a gig at Parr Hall on February 3 as part of the celebration.

Frontman Chris Gibson, who has previously played at the Parr Hall at a series of youth gigs, said: “It’s really exciting. It’s the first time we’ve done something for Independent Venue Week.

“It’s one of those things I really like along with Record Store Day as they’re a nod to independent musicians, shops and venues that keep the culture of music alive.

“To be a part of that in Warrington is close to our hearts as we spent our formative years gigging there. A memory that sticks out for me about the Parr Hall was a load of people skiving off school to get a ticket to see the Arctic Monkeys.

“I didn’t manage to get a ticket but the absolute frenzy around people trying to get tickets for that gig that is my lasting memory of the venue. Now they’ve conquered America but they played Warrington once upon a time.”

The Independent Venue Week show is just one opportunity among many since the alternative band formed a year ago.

Chris, his brother Pete, the drummer, and lyricist and bassist Andy Hoskinson have just released their fourth single, Electric, and things are beginning to pick up pace thanks to the support of BBC Introducing’s Dave Monks.

Chris added: “We’ve had some positive reactions to it and we got featured as the producer’s pick on BBC Introducing in Merseyside. Dave Monks has been really supportive in the past. He’s been playing our stuff pretty much since we started.”

‘It was a bit surreal to watch Jamie Laing driving around in a golf buggy with our tunes on in the background’

Delphina Kings are a relatively new band but you may recognise Chris and Andy from the music scene as they have been writing songs together since 2009. Their former band was called If You Like To Dance.

Chris said: “We got a song on Radio 1 called Skin and Bone through BBC Introducing in Yorkshire while we were studying in Leeds. We were really young at the time and weren’t prepared for it. We didn’t know how to capitalise on the attention so it didn’t really come to anything. We just took it as a confirmation that we could write a decent song.”

They changed the name when Chris’s brother Pete joined the group and they went in a different direction with the sound, influenced by Blur and The Hunna. And all their work has been self-produced so far.

Chris said: “It is a good feeling especially when you’re doing it yourself. It’s quite difficult for new bands because you have to be every member of your own team to start with.

“You have to be your own producer, mix engineer, PR guy and creative director and all that sort of stuff. So to do all that yourself and then it to go out into the world with a positive reaction is a really good feeling.”

One of the best – but bizarre – rewards was getting their track, Lovestruck, played on Made In Chelsea.

Chris, who shared a stage with Starsailor at Warrington Festival, added: “I forced my girlfriend to watch the episode. It was a bit surreal to watch Jamie Laing driving around in a golf buggy with our tunes on in the background. It was dead weird.

“People were messaging us, tweeting us and adding our songs to playlists after that.”

Delphina Kings play at Parr Hall's Independent Venue Week show on Saturday, February 3. Tickets are just £5 in advance at