ALESHA Dixon will be supporting Enrique Iglesias at Manchester's MEN arena next month.

The former Mis-teeq singer and Strictly Come Dancing Champion spoke to the Warrington Guardian's Jennifer Gannon ahead of the show on May 8.

So you're supporting Enrique Iglesias on tour next month and kicking off your solo tour in October. Do you find it more daunting performing on your own instead of with the other members of Mis-teeq or your Strictly partner Matthew Cutler?

"Hmm, no. If anything I find it more exciting and I get a rush from the adrenaline. For me this is what I've been working towards my whole career, the live shows have always been my ultimate goal. It's really what all the hard work has been about and it's the icing on the cake! Though on the night I'll probably be racked with nerves and hoping I'm in the audience instead of on stage! (Laughs)"

In previous interviews you have said that your friends call you Monica (from the TV show Friends) because you're obsessed with things being clean and in order. Does this affect you on tour?

"(Laughing) God I hope not! I think it's just when I go home and everything has to be clean. God, it's affecting my life and my songs now, it's creeping in everywhere! I'm a clean freak!

"It's actually my cousin that tidies up at home and when I get back I'm thinking she's not done it properly!”

And nothing is in the right place?

"Exactly! (Laughs)"

The new single Let's Get Excited comes out soon.

"Yes, May 11th."

The video was released on Tuesday 7, and already it has been praised for your dance routines and paying homage to Madonna. What do you think about that?

"We actually do a Madonna tribute in the video, paying homage to 'Vogue'. Growing up Madonna was my idol and I loved dressing up like her and so she has definitely been a big influence on my career. For the video we were blessed to work with Tone Talauegato who has worked with Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lopez and he was amazing."

I've seen the video and the dance routines are amazing.

"Ahh, thank you, it was definitely something to live up to. When you say he has worked with Jennifer Lopez it does add a certain amount of pressure but he was great. Dancing has always been a huge part of my life and hopefully the routines are something people get excited about."

Since Strictly Come Dancing you've had fantastic success with your solo career. I’m a huge fan of the show by the way.

"Thanks, I've always loved the show as well and it was great to be a part of it.”

Will you be using any of your ballroom skills on tour?

"We've discussed doing a bit of a dance breakdown, so maybe using a bit of the jive or the jitterbug or tango in routines on stage.

"For me, as well, the album was really influenced by Strictly. I didn't just want to sing 14 songs off an album, it was about performing them. Since Strictly my musical taste has broadened and hopefully, although it's not finalised, we will be using routines and different types of dances from the show."

'Dancing with the Stars’, the American version of Strictly has been on UK TV now and your single The Boy Does Nothing was used as one of the tracks for a jive number.

"I know, it was fantastic! When I first got the e-mail about the song being used by Michael Rooney for Dancing with the Stars I couldn’t believe it! I’d wanted to work with Michael for a while but hadn’t got the chance so it was great hearing he was a fan of the song and wanted to use it."

Do you have any plans on going to the States, given your success here?

"At the moment there are no plans to go Stateside as I've got a lot going on in Europe, with The Boy Does Nothing reaching number 2 in France and I'd like to do a Europe tour first. I would definitely love to try the states eventually though."

Last month you climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, well done! On the Comic Relief show I see you had a tough time, personally I don't think I could have done it! How did you get through it and push on?

"Meditating and remembering the reason I was doing it is what pushed me to get to the top. It was seeing those children’s faces in Africa.

"There were definitely days or moments when I wanted to give up but I think its one of those things that if you did give up you’d kick yourself for it later and regret it.

"I loved the experience but it took me a while to recover and it's definitely a once in a lifetime thing, I wont be doing it again!"

And finally Alesha, FHM announce their 100 Sexiest Women in the World this month, and you've appeared numerous times in previous years. Do you keep track of what number you come in at?

"(Shrieks) I didn't even know! Oh God I hate it! I hate that stuff! (Laughs) I've not been keeping track, but it's just a bit of fun I suppose.”

Tickets for Enrique Iglesias and Alesha Dixon are on sale now priced from £35.

They are available at or the 24 hour hotline 0871 220 260.