IT’S a roll call that stretches back 40 years and now a new exhibition at Arley is celebrating the Hall’s many moments in the limelight.

Everything from Peaky Blinders and Coronation Street to 1980s classic Cluedo have filmed at the stately home near Appleton Thorn.

“We’ve already had people surprised by how many programmes have been filmed here over the past four decades,” said marketing manager Helen Begent.

“The amazing thing is the number of times visitors have watched the shows and not realized it was Arley because of the clever set designs and ways the scenes are shot.

“We’ve had everything from period dramas to zombie car chases to funeral scenes from the nation’s favourite soap, so the chances are most people will have seen Arley in something they enjoy watching.”

The exhibition is set in one room of the hall, which has been in the family of the current Lord Ashbrook for more than 500 years.

It includes a timeline of all the shows filmed at Arley, behind-the-scenes images and the team’s anecdotes about when Hollywood, Disney and other great productions filmed on the Cheshire estate.

Just some of the famous names to have had a starring role are Emma Thompson, Tom Hardy, Alfred Molina, Adrien Brody as well as Tom Jones, Olly Murs and

Most of the exhibition focusses on Arley’s part in Peaky Blinders as the gritty period crime drama has been filmed extensively at the estate since series three.

Arley Hall doubles as Tommy Shelby’s manor house in the programme.

Visitors have the chance to try on hats like the ones worn by the characters and be photographed next to a large cutout of Tommy himself, Cillian Murphy.

There’s also the actual cake used in one of the most famous scenes filmed at Arley, Tommy’s wedding to Grace.

Fans of the show will enjoy learning more about the attention to detail that goes into putting it together as well as some backstage stories from the many weeks of filming that has taken place in Cheshire.

You can find out why associate producer Bryony Arnold chose Arley to be Tommy’s home and why she describes the hall as an ‘iconic part’ of Peaky Blinders during an interview that runs in the exhibition.

“To be involved in such a critically-acclaimed and popular show has been exciting for us and another amazing moment in the long history of the hall,” said Helen.

Other shows mentioned in the exhibition include Disney’s Evermoor Chronicles, Antiques Roadshow, The Voice, The Forsyte Saga and even some early episodes of Sherlock Holmes.

“Some of the programmes we discovered in our research were even a surprise to us because they were so long ago they’d almost been forgotten,” said Helen.

“It just shows how long Arley has been attracting the attention of location managers and directors and we hope everyone who visits the exhibition enjoys finding out about this part of our story.”

The exhibition room is open on Sundays, Tuesdays and Bank Holidays.

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