A NIGHT of punk music takes centre stage at Warrington's new live music venue on Saturday.

Live Bar on Barbauld Street plays host to three live acts from 8pm.

All girl punk band Crawlers, Gravves and Witch Fever are on the line-up.

Greg Dixon, from Live, said: "We have put an owness on getting progressive, new, fresh and exciting artists on in the town and I love this line up as it is all of these things in one fuzzy angry package.

"We have brand new four-piece Crawlers opening the night.

"Now (correct me if I'm wrong) but this is the first full throttle, all girl punk band I've seen in a long time (since Fish Bastard) out of the town, and they blew me away with their brand of grungey, punkey and most of all trumpety aggressive sound.

"In between will be Gravves who blew us away at Rivfest last year and never fail to impress, and ending the night will be one of my favorite and most important UK bands in Witch Fever.

"Their sound embodies what a lot of women are facing at the minute, especially with certain looming political climates in this country and the US. The trapped, angry and most of all passionate cry for females and non binary people in the world is being perfectly embodied in their content and performance and I've got nothing but love and time for what we're going to witness from both them and Crawlers.

"I can't wait for the night itself, and think there's good potential for it to put our flag in the road for what we want to do in the town."