Mike Bee, from Warrington Music Festival Sunday headliners The Winachi Tribe, shares his top bands to look out for

Filthy Tricks, 8.30pm

Warrington Guardian:

A biased choice as Filthy Tricks’ vocalist Liam Rimmer’s brother Danny was in my previous band, the former Warrington Music Festival headliners The 66.

It’s been great to watch these lads develop over the past year.

They’ve become a really tight, well oiled powerhouse of a band.

I was blown away when they supported us at [WAM] Festival a month back.

Their new single Diamond Eyes is also excellent.

Thoughtune, 7.30pm

I’ve been following Thoughtune’s releases since the beginning of the year.

I love their work ethic, the passion in their music and the messages behind it.

I spent a whole night going through their back catalogue a few weeks ago. I love a bit of empire building.

Hollow Vandals, 7pm

Warrington Guardian:

I caught these lads on the Vintage Viola shop Facebook Live feed a month or so back after finishing a heavy recording session.

I was really impressed with the quality of the songwriting.

If only I could remember the song title...

4ft Soldiers, 5.30pm

Warrington Guardian:

A band from the past that has reformed for the present.

I caught 4ft Soldiers’ first comeback gig at the YANA (You Are Not Alone) Fest in Manchester a few weeks back.

It was great and I remembered songs I didn’t even know I knew.

Very high tempo music.

The Bid, 4.30pm

Warrington Guardian:

Joe Hatton and co are a solid act and he is a great songwriter.

I haven’t seen the band for a year or two so I’m looking forward to catching them again.

Joe has been in numerous bands and has been a Warrington Music Festival regular over the years before forming The Bid in 2018.