FANS of The Who’s Quadrophenia can be brought back in time to the age of mods and rockers when the classic rock opera is played in full at Parr Hall.

Released in 1973, this hit concept album, which was adapted into a film in 1979, paid homage to a movement that went down in British cultural history and its impact is still felt today. Eight-piece band, The Goldhawks, will be bringing the experience to Warrington next Friday, March 15, complete with a 6m-high video backdrop.

The double-album, penned entirely by Pete Townshend, that went gold in the UK and platinum in the US is an ode to teenage angst and counterculture rebellion set against a backdrop of criticism of British class, economic and educational systems.

Frontman Doug Freeman said: “The story itself still translates to modern day youth minus the digital intervention.

“But as far as the angst of coming of age goes it’s as relevant as it ever has been. Plus the music itself is so powerful and orchestral.

“We’ve performed it so many times now but every time it still lifts you and takes you somewhere else.”

Doug’s life is somewhat dedicated to The Who at the moment.

He is on a year-long tour with Quadrophenia and after that The Goldhawks will have just a few weeks off before hitting the road for the Tommy tour. After that, a The Who greatest hits tour is already in the works.

Warrington Guardian:

Doug, who tours in a team of 12, added:”It is a big undertaking for a little company but it’s fun. I’ve been lucky to find talented people who are all like-minded. We’re all big Who fans and we all get on really well together.

“Above all we just enjoy what we do and that helps everybody to get along. We have our techy moments after driving for six hours and things like that but generally it’s good. It’s a very strong team.”

Above all, Doug does not mind stepping into Roger Daltrey’s shoes time and again because he has idolised the band since seeing them live when he was 14.

He said: “I thought: ‘Wow, this is what life’s about’. It was a cathartic moment. It changed my life.

“I remember standing on the seat because I was so little I couldn’t see. It changed virtually every outlook I had. Before that I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t have a clue.

“But after I went to see them on a Saturday, I started to learn the guitar on the Monday. It was literally that quick.

Doug later dropped out of college and moved to London where he got a publishing deal with Cherry Red Records.

He has had various different record deals over the years but has kept returning to the music of his idols since the 90s when he formed the tribute band, Who’s Who.

Doug added: “Everybody at school said: ‘You’ll never be able to do that’. At that time a lot of kids were being bought guitars by their parents but I was the only who ended up going on tour and getting record deals.

“I used to stand in my bedroom and play the whole of Tommy from beginning to end. That was it. I was hooked.”


We have teamed up with The Goldhawks to give away a pair of tickets to the Parr Hall Quadrophenia show.

To enter, simply answer the question: What year was Quadrophenia first released?

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