Columnist Jill Kerr, a plant buyer for Blue Diamond garden centres, including Fryer’s in Knutsford, gives her advice on what to buy your loved one – or best friend – this Valentine’s Day...

LOVE is in the air with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, but why should it be just for those with romantic notions?

Why not show your best friend how much they mean to you on February 14 too?

Visit any Blue Diamond garden centres for lots of gift ideas.

Love struck? Why not tell the one you love how you feel with a Fryer’s Rose?

Rose of the Year 2018 the aptly named ‘Love Struck’ could be the perfect gift.

Or use a rose to convey the message that you want to say with ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘Simply the Best’, ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ or ‘For You With Love’ to name but a few.

A potted rose will last longer than a dozen cut blooms and will truly show how you feel.

Roses make the perfect Valentine’s flower but there are lots of alternative ideas.

Indoor plants such as phalaenopis ‘Cambridge’ – otherwise known as the moth orchid – are the traditional symbol of love, luxury, beauty and strength.

During the Victorian era, orchids were given to show love and affection, with the rarer the flower the deeper the love.

In Europe, orchids were also used in love potions – although I am not advocating that!

Terrariums are another, less obvious, but nonetheless gorgeous choice.

Doubling as a natural air purifier too, planted terrariums filled with cacti and succulents make a stylish and thoughtful gift.

Perfect for home or your desk at work.

So don’t end up buying those last minute, garage forecourt flowers.

This Valentine’s Day, buy a gift that shows those you love, including your BFF, how you really feel.

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