AFTER a busy 2018, 32 Tens are looking to keep the momentum going into the New Year with a string of live shows, including one at the Salty Dog and the release of a new single.

Frontman Max Vickers, 26, from Warrington, has held an ambition of being the frontman in a band for a long time and shortly after his time on The Voice in 2017, 32 Tens were formed.

The band will be taking part in Independent Venue Week next week with a performance at the Salty Dog in Northwich, which was listed as one of the best small venues in the country in 2018.

“Our manager Jackie sorted this gig out for us and we are really looking forward to it, it should be great,” Max said.

“We all just love playing music really and we want to keep making music that people enjoy listening to and seeing live.

“I’ve always wanted to be in an indie band making indie music as a frontman.

“Roy and Dan have been in bands for years but it’s a new experience for me and Sam. Obviously I’ve done solo gigs before and after The Voice but this has always been what I have wanted to do.”

Max entered the talent show with his long-time friend Mo Jamil and the two took the competition by storm, with Max reaching the semi-final stage and Mo going on to win the competition.

Warrington Guardian:

The band have a range of influences from LCD Soundsystem to Radiohead and they have just come back from their first show in Scotland.

Max said: “We played with a band called The Zangwills, we loved it. We’ve never played outside of England before so that was really cool, there were a lot of hills.”

One of the challenges facing bands in the modern era is the importance of maintaining an online presence especially with the emergence of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

This is something that the band has come to embrace.

The band has been working with Eaten Alive Illustrations, a Warrington-based graphic designer, to promote the release of the band’s three latest singles.

Max said: “We are trying to do more visual things to promote the singles. We’d love to do a music video as well.

The band’s first single ‘Lost’ has now reached over 700,000 plays on Spotify, after making it onto the ‘Best of Indie 2018’ Spotify play list.

Max said: “When we released ‘Lost’ I was saying to the band that I was not expecting much because we were a new name.

“It’s mostly through Spotify that we can see how we are doing. We’ve been added to a few of the official playlists and that’s really helped.

“The music industry is in a good place now, it is a bit saturated but that is just because of how easy it is for anyone to get their music out there.

“Literally anyone with an iPhone can record a song and release it to everyone.”

The band are hoping that they can keep progressing this year and things are off to a good start with the release of a new single.

Max said: “Obviously we’d like to get big and play festival circuits but we are really happy with how things are going. At the moment we feel like we are in control of everything from the recording to the gigs and we just want to keep making music that people want to hear.”

32 Tens will be performing in the Salty Dog on Tuesday, January 29 and the band’s next performance after that will be in the Castle Hotel in Manchester on Thursday, February 21.

The new single ‘What’s Going On?’ is available on Spotify now.