I’m often asked which of the many gins I’ve created I like the most.

I often reply that it’s like asking a parent which of their children they prefer! In reality, when it comes to gin, the answer is simple – it depends on the occasion, my mood and the way I wish to drink the gin.


Warrington Guardian:

If I want a traditional hand-crafted, juniper-led gin (the key flavour in all gins), I reach for Greenall’s.

It’s a trusted gin from England’s oldest continuous gin distillers, G&J Distillers, here in Warrington. It has an aroma of rounded juniper notes, mature citrus flavours – which are fresh and punchy – some woody, earthy aromas and a warm spice finish. It works well as a gin and tonic made with a wedge of lime and a good quality tonic.



Warrington Guardian:

If I fancy a tall drink but not a gin and tonic, I’ll opt for an Opihr and ginger ale.

Opihr is a bold and rich oriental spiced London dry gin infused with hand-picked botanicals which epitomise the exotic intensity of the Orient. The result is a unique, flavoursome gin with key notes of cardamom, grapefruit and cracked black pepper. It intrigues and delights the senses.


Warrington Guardian:

If I’m feeling partial to a short, savoury cocktail such as a negroni, my go-to is a Thomas Dakin Gin. With its savoury, juniper-led flavour with sweet orange, grapefruit and lemon, all enlivened by ‘red cole’ (the 18th century name for horseradish) it stands up against any vermouth and bitters and does not get lost in the drink.


Warrington Guardian:

For celebrations or a night out with my best friends I’m a firm advocate of gin and bubbles, so it has to be a Bloom Gin made into a French 75 cocktail for me.

Bloom Gin draws on inspiration from nature, with the three main botanicals being chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo. They combine perfectly to create a distinctively floral gin with citrus undertones for those who prefer a lighter style of gin that’s smooth to taste.

  • My favourites have a couple of things in common. They are distilled traditionally and take their flavours and aromas from natural ingredients only – no added sugar to make up the taste, just high-quality ingredients and the work of talented crafts persons at G&J Distillers.