'PUNK poet' John Cooper Clarke is returning to Warrington as part of his Luckiest Guy Alive tour.

The Manchester icon will be at the Parr Hall on May 29.

Born in 1949 to George, an engineer, and Hilda, an unpublished poet, John spent his childhood growing up in Salford, Lancashire.

After teenage years as a Mod, John served a few jobs including an apprentice engineer, a tailor's assistant, a lead compositor and lab technician at Salford Tech, where he was interviewed by another Manchester hero Tony Wilson for Granada TV.

After a stint living in Dorset, John returned to Manchester and started properly on the path for which he would become famous for – his poetry, working at cabaret clubs and tough venues around the city.

His biting, satirical, political and very funny verse delivered in his rapid-fire performance style resonated with the punk movement that had begin to pick up speed in the late 70s and saw him begin to draw huge crowds in his own right after touring with most of punk’s ground breaking bands including Sex Pistols, The Clash, Buzzcocks, The Fall and Elvis Costello to name but a few.

Joy Division opened for John on numerous occasions and New Order later shared a stage with him on their first joint Australian tour.

Tickets are from £30. Visit pyramidparrhall.com