JUST Cause as a series has always been aware of what its fans want from the games and this has not changed with the latest instalment.

Developed by Avalanche Studios, the latest game in the action-packed franchise sees series protagonist Rico Rodriguez face off against another oppressive regime.

The parachute, grappling hook and wing suit from Just Cause 3 all return and this time dynamic weather events enable the player to make their own cinematic set pieces.

Traversal has always been a core component of these games, especially since the addition of the wing suit added a layer of skill to the mechanics.

Each new entry to the series has been more about refining the gameplay rather than revolutionising it.

To some that can be a point of frustration but to the fans of the series, these games are just about having fun while causing as much destruction as possible.

The serviceable but clichéd story sees Rico travel to the fictional country of Solis, which is as varied as it is stunning.

World design has always been a strong point for Just Cause and Solis offers an extremely diverse landscape.

The main addition to the franchise is the dynamic weather and it really is a highlight of the game.

Using the wing suit around a tornado is an extremely thrilling experience especially with the devastation you can see being left behind you.

These games have always thrived off chaotic action set-pieces but the new weather systems add another layer of depth to both the traversal and the combat mechanics giving the player even more options to consider.

Fans of the series will find plenty of fun in Just Cause 4.

The gameplay is more polished and the traversal and destruction is as much fun as it ever was.

Apart from the new weather mechanics though the latest instalment does not bring many new ideas to the table.

RATING: 8/10