IT does not matter how hard-hearted or cynical you are or if it feels like your childhood is a distant memory.

There is something about watching Disney characters gliding gracefully on the ice to big movie tunes that leaves you enchanted.

So there were smiles all around at Disney on Ice's Dream Big production which has to be one of only shows at Manchester Arena where children outnumber adults.

It is not just because of Disney's universal appeal and the fact that almost all of us have associations and attachments with the entertainment giant's films from over the decades – after all, the latest show is celebrating Mickey and Minnie's 90th birthday.

You also cannot help but be caught up in the magic thanks to the polished choreography and spectacular skills of the performers – some of which skated at high speed while carrying their partner – as well as the sets and special effects.

Feld Entertainment has been putting Disney shows on ice in various forms for 37 years now and they have got it down to a fine art.

Yes, you would not be there without your child but you would struggle to find anyone there who did not enjoy it.

The main draw for the Dream Big show was Moana and Maui from 2016's Moana taking to the ice for the first time in Europe.

It was great fun seeing the ice transformed into the Polynesian island of Motunui and the big song numbers give even Frozen a run for its money.

But one of the highlights came earlier on when Aladdin and Princess Jasmine took the ice for a slick routine of set pieces and slapstick.

The scenes that had the biggest wow factor were Sleeping Beauty with a gigantic dragon complete with fire effects and Cinderella who rode in on her luxurious carriage.

My five-year-old also laughed as cutlery came to life in the Beauty and the Beast segment.

Of course, Disney on Ice would not be the same without Frozen's snowy world.

For Dream Big they save it until last but as with the previous show you basically get a condensed version of the whole story complete with some impressive sets and all the songs that have become the anthems of legions of Anna and Elsa wannabes.

Suffice to say Disney's magic will continue to live on long after Mickey and Minnie's 90th and for many generations to come.

Disney on Ice's Dream Big is at Manchester Arena until Sunday. Visit