NEVER has a game studio matched a super-hero character as perfectly as Insomniac works for Spider-Man.

The American game studio has earned a reputation for making games that prioritise fun above all else, with colourful titles such as Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank. Marvel’s Spider-Man is no different, however, Insomniac has crafted a story that shows they not only understand what makes Spidey work as a hero but what makes Peter Parker tick as a character.

Web-slinging your way around the open sandbox of Manhattan never gets boring, the fluidity of the animations and the responsiveness of the control scheme make this the first Spider-Man game to get this crucial aspect right since the PS2 game Ultimate Spider-Man.

The way the game uses the first half to build up to the downfall of one of Peter’s idols is handled subtly and effectively through environmental storytelling.

When the game reaches its halfway point all the build-up pays off in a simply spectacular mission involving a prison breakout.

Part of the appeal of Peter Parker is how he is just a normal person who has this huge responsibility given to him. There are missions which focus on his personal struggles, including one where he has been evicted and the objective is to track down his possessions.

Almost everything in this game has been done before but it all comes together so seamlessly that it feels unique in its own way.

This game does to the character what the Arkham franchise did for Batman. There are seemingly endless collectibles scattered throughout the map while the combat and stealth mechanics work in the same way as the Arkham games. There’s an emphasis on countering in fights and an array of gadgets for stealth sections.

The game's only issue is that during the more chaotic fights in the second half of the game, the camera can sometimes struggle to keep up with the action but this does not happen enough for it be a major issue.

RATING: 9/10