BOOKWORMS are being urged to support Forget-Me-Not in Culcheth as part of Independent Bookshop Week.

Events are planned nationwide from June 16 to 23 in more than 400 book stores to celebrate the part that ‘indies’ play in their communities, including nurturing a love of reading among youngsters.

Victoria Simpson-Forrest, who runs Forget-Me-Not toy and book shop in Culcheth’s CPS Centre in Common Lane, will be hosting a series of Where’s Wally themed events including a treasure hunt.

The mum-of-three said: “Independent bookshops are so important not only to the community, the high street and the economy but also because of the atmosphere a bookshop creates.

“Book selling is very much about building relationships.

“I have learnt some amazing things talking to my visitors.

“Hearing about books other people are passionate about and making recommendations that people then love is wonderful.

“It’s also wonderful to help a child choose a new book and this gives us a very special chance to capture the imagination of young readers and inspire them to have a life-long love of books.”

Victoria’s love of stories started with Enid Blyton.

The 49-year-old added: “I loved reading as a child and remember devouring Enid Blyton, particularly her Famous Five and St Clare’s series.

“I also remember reading an abridged version of Jane Eyre which made me want to read the novel.

“It is now one of my favourite books and one I never tire of reading.

“These days I still love to read, I run a book club and really enjoy reading and discussing other people’s suggestions.

“There are so many good reads and my ‘to be read’ list is never ending but if I had to name a couple of my all-time favourites it would be Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife and Stoner by John Williams.”

Despite the general fall in the number of book stores due to online sales and e-readers and the recent threat to Warrington’s libraries, Victoria also thinks physical books should be here to stay.

Victoria, who grew up in Culcheth but used to live in London and Essex while working for House of Fraser and Harrods, said: “There is nothing like settling down with a new book and immersing yourself in a great story, the joy of holding a book and turning pages cannot be replicated with an e-reader.

“With physical books there is also the pleasure of going to a bookshop, spending time browsing, reading covers and looking inside the books and of course chatting with a knowledgeable bookseller. There is none of this with a download.

“E-readers serve a purpose but I have noted more and more the comments of my customers who much prefer the physicality of a real book.”