IMPRESSIONS has to be one of the best comeback albums of 2017 so far.

The Brighton band’s second album has been five years in the making but it has been worth it with a more accomplished, rounded and accessible sound.

For want of a better phrase, Tall Ships’ debut, Everything Touching, could be described as ‘science rock’ with references to everything from natural selection (on a touching but pretty weird love song) to the angst of being forgotten by history.

Whereas Impressions feels a bit more relatable with songs about anxiety and the struggle to make sense of everyday life.

The heart-on-your-sleeve record is a good listen from start to finish with a set of atmospheric, layered songs that will have you coming back for more.

But among the highlights are Will To Life, one of the most instant songs the band have written, and Petrichor with its powerful drums.

Home slows the proceedings right down and takes Tall Ships into anthemic, almost Elbow territory while Meditations On Loss could well become one of the band’s signature tunes.

It is reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins circa early 2000s.

The only downside is there are only nine songs. Surely they could have offered fans a bit more after a five year absence.

But this is catchy, anthemic stuff that deserves a place on the radio.

Impressions is out on Friday