IT came as no surprise that Bring Me The Horizon’s setlist consisted almost entirely of songs from their last two albums, breakout hit Sempiternal and 2015’s That’s The Spirit.

The band’s move away from their visceral metalcore roots for a more radio friendly sound is responsible for their breakthrough. Bring Me The Horizon were determined to put on a show of the highest calibre.

The layered staging and giant screen exploded in colour with strong visuals complementing the music throughout the night. The production was excellent but did not overpower the five-piece.

There is certainly something very cathartic for the thousands of fans on the arena floor holding their middle fingers in the air during one of the heaviest songs of the night, Antivist, which hits like a one-two alongside the track, Throne.

But songs like Shadow Moses with its choir-like introduction also display a band that doesn’t want to be restricted by genres . The band closed with Drown, a song frontman Oliver Sykes wrote about his battles with his personal demons.

Looking at home at Manchester Arena, headlining a major festival appears a case of not if but when for Sheffield’s finest.