THIS record might as well be a tribute to the irresistible urge to press buttons and meddle with settings.

There are so many sound effects in Glass Animals' How To Be A Human Being that at times it is difficult to keep up.

You can easily imagine the Oxford four-piece in the studio tinkering and experimenting.

All kinds of sounds have been added and manipulated to fit on the album while others would not be out of place on something like Space Invaders or Pac-Man.

It is not for everyone – where you sit with Glass Animals probably depends on what you think of electronic music.

Some may consider it a shallow way of making music while others regard it as a contemporary art form.

Either way, it is an accomplished collection of songs merging indie, dance and RnB music into something unique.

And, as you might expect from such a studio-led approach, the production on their second offering is excellent.

Among the highlights are the infectious pop of Life Itself, named 'Hottest Record in the World' by Annie Mac on Radio 1, and the big beats of Pork Soda, a track which longs for the old days unshackled from the pressures of everyday life.

With their debut album, Zaba, selling an incredible 500,000 copies you get the sense that this could be Glass Animals' moment.

And by merging cultures and smashing up sound effects, they have somehow managed to create a sound all of their own.

- How To Be A Human Being is released on September 2

- Glass Animals perform at Manchester Academy 2 on October 26