Biffy Clyro - Ellipsis

WARNING bells always go off in my head when long-established bands start using children as backing singers.

It is often a sign of pretentious things to come.

But with Biffy Clyro's Friends and Enemies, it is more likely one more experiment in their constantly evolving music.

The song is typical of the Scottish band's seventh album, Ellipsis, which eschews their usual heavy rock with jagged riffs and unusual time signatures in favour of branching out into multiple genres.

Frontman Simon Neil refers to 'twisted melodies' and that sort of sums the record up.

Re-arrange is the closest Biffy have come to sounding like a boy band crossed with electro pop.

Medicine is reminiscent of the days when Smashing Pumpkins combined acoustic music with orchestral elements.

Flammable sounds like Ace of Base...if the Swedish popsters were an alternative rock band.

And on Small Wishes the band put together a country-esque tune about Scottish independence.

If you are yet to hear Ellipsis but have listened to Biffy's last two singles you may be scratching your head at this review.

Rallying call, Wolves of Winter, and chest-beating anthem, Animal Style, are both excellent rock songs that give a bit of a misleading impression of the record.

Consider them the bridge between the band's last album Opposites and this new direction.

Even if you do not agree with Biffy's direction, Ellipsis proves the trio are as musically brave as they have ever been and are certainly not resting on their laurels.

This diverse collection of songs may make old fans frown on first listen but it has been put together with such devotion and conviction, most will fall in love with it.