Kris Drever - If Wishes Were Horses

THERE is something comforting about listening to folk music.

Maybe it is the centuries of tradition it is associated with or all the old cautionary tales in the songs.

That is why it is good that the new generation of musicians are keeping those home fires burning.

At the forefront is Kris Drever. The Scottish songwriter is arguably better known for his contemporary take on folk with the multiple BBC Folk Award winners, Lau.

But his solo records, including the new album If Wishes Were Horses, show he has much more to offer.

Forget bands like Mumford and Sons who have tried to make folk trendy – Drever is the real deal.

There is a subtle modern edge to his music. After all, he grew up with the likes of Nirvana.

But this album would appeal to your typical braided or bearded Cambridge Folk Festival types as much as it would newcomers to the scene.

If Wishes Were Horses starts with one of its best tracks, I Didn't Try Hard Enough, which has a traditional sound to it but with a faster tempo lending it a really anthemic quality.

Other highlights include the gentle When We Roll in the Morning about the mix of insecurity and hope you get when starting a new relationship.

Hard Year is about accepting the facts of life while making the most of what you have got while Shipwrecked has a simple beat with lots of interesting instrumentation swelling under it.

Drever has become one of the most respected musicians on the current folk circuit and it is easy to see why with an offering like this.