CALIFORNIAN rockers Weezer have a song called Back To The Shack which sort of summed up their first visit to the UK in five years.

The track harks back to the four-piece's garage rock days and has a nod to 1994 – a big year for guitar music which is still fondly remembered more than 20 years later.

It was not the best song of the night but was simply a reminder that Weezer's music sort of exists in a time capsule.

Their style has never really grown out of 90s-esque big riffs, pour-your-heart-out lyrics and anthemic choruses and it is all the better for it.

Because of that, new tracks like California Kids and King of the World fit neatly alongside their classics from the 'blue album' like My Name Is Jonas, The Sweater Song and their biggest hit Buddy Holly, which was reserved for the encore.

Another unexpected treat was Weezer's performance of El Scorcho, an excellent single from their second album Pinkerton.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo famously fell out of love with Pinkerton following its poor sales at the time but it has since become a fan favourite so it was great to hear it live.

Weezer's gig at Manchester Academy was one of just two in the UK as part of a world tour.

And it was telling how well the band is loved in the north west given that the concert sold out in minutes.

The Academy was absolutely packed on that Sunday night and the Californian visitors were warmly welcomed over the full period of their hour and a half set.

Reveller chanted the choruses, danced and made the band's 'W' symbol with their hands while the vast venue erupting into applause after each song.

It seemed to make the band slightly embarrassed that they had not been to Manchester in such a long time. Cuomo vowed to bring Weezer back very soon – and it did not sound like an empty promise.