Finest South African Chenin Blanc, £6.99, Tesco

Apples and pears and honey and spice sound like phrases from a nursery rhyme – but they are also the flavours in this South African white made with a grape that this country has a reputation for using really well on its own.

There is also a hint of apricot, alcohol is a strong 14% and it goes especially well with curries.

Finest Frappato 2013, £7.99, Tesco

Another Tesco own-label wine and this one is also made from a red grape, Frappato, which is more usually found as part of a blend with another Italian native, Nero d’Avola.

Frappato is unique to Sicily, the home of a lot of enterprising makers. Tastes are of strawberries, alcohol is 13% and this is great value and ideal with pasta, tuna or salmon dishes.