Half Moon Run - Sun Leads Me On

HALF Moon Run's Sun Leads Me On is the kind of album where you have to let the music speak for itself.

With folk, indie and dreamy, atmospheric 70s rock influences among many others, the Canadian band's songs are hard to define.

But listening to this eclectic collection of tracks one thing is certain – it is well worth your time.

As finely crafted as it is original, Sun Leads Me On is the band's follow-up to their debut record, Dark Eyes, and it is anticipated that this will be the album to help them make their breakthrough in the UK.

Among the highlights are I Can't Figure Out What's Going On, a simple song with an infectious tempo and orchestral elements.

Turn Your Love throws piano and some electronic influences into the mix and builds in intensity and Everybody Wants is a gentle song about human nature and lessons learned.

Meanwhile, with its finger-picking guitar, you can imagine Devil May Care being played around a campfire somewhere down south in America.

There are so many musical styles and ideas bubbling away but the album never feels self indulgent or overwhelming.

And despite its wealth of influences, Sun Leads Me On ties together to feel like a record that tells a story as a whole.

- Half Moon Run play at Gorilla in Manchester on Wednesday, October 28