Devil’s Rock Riesling 2014, £5.49, Co-op

Although the Aussies have done a lot with Riesling it is really a German wine.

This crisp, 12%, lemon and peach example is unusual because it combines the grape-growing expertise of the mild Palatinate region with New World flavoursome techniques.

Until September 1 this price is a pound less than usual and that’s good value.

Chateau Capitoul 2013, £6.49 Co-op

There’s also £1 off this red until September 1 – a scrumptious blend of Syrah (Shiraz), Grenache and Carignan which is exclusive to the Co-op.

It’s from the Languedoc region of Southern France, home of most of the country’s most innovative winemakers.

It’s smooth with black cherries, a hint of tobacco and goes great with all kinds of meats.