Frank Turner - Positive Songs For Negative People

THERE seems to be no stopping the prolific Frank Turner.

The 33-year-old's penchant for writing catchy acoustic music, which gets you singing along and tapping your foot, shows no signs of slowing down with his sixth album, Positive Songs For Negative People.

The record, made with his backing band the Sleeping Souls, is full of rousing tunes which immediately grab your attention on first listen like Get Better and Josephine.

Turner's upbeat new single, The Next Storm, gives a good flavour of what to expect from the CD but it is also one of his most diverse.

The Opening Act of Spring introduces some folk elements to the musician's body of work while Out Of Breath and Love Forty Down are a twist on Turner's early days as a punk singer with Million Dead.

Out Of Breath is like a jazz song with the spirit of a punk rock tune and Love Forty Down is a fast rock song accompanied perfectly with piano.

Positive Songs For Negative People is also a reminder of Turner's strength as a songwriter, particularly on the heartfelt closing track, Song For Josh.

Recorded in Nashville with producer Butch Walker, who has worked with Weezer and Fall Out Boy, Turner said he wanted the new album to capture the spirit of his live shows and he has succeeded.

- Positive Songs For Negative People is released on August 7

- Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls will perform at Manchester Academy on November 23 and 24