Josmeyer Pinot Blanc 2014, £11.50, The Wine Society

This week two wines that may not be cheap but do give great value for flavour and finish.

This Pinot Blanc blended with Auxerrois grapes from France’s Alsace region is delightfully different from so many whites with spice and body as well as tastes of lemons and pears.

The vineyard has strong green credentials and alcohol is just 12%.

Chateau Haut-Courneau 2011, £10, Oddbins

One of the joys of wine is the sheer variety on offer from all around the world.

But there’s also a good reason why some of the original classics still survive and thrive.

This red Graves Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is full of coffee, chocolate, pepper and dark fruits, just 13% alcohol and will improve over the next few years.