Lucy Rose - Work It Out

SINGER-SONGWRITER Lucy Rose seems to be caught at a crossroads.

The 26-year-old released her debut album, Like I Used To, in 2012.

It was predominantly an acoustic album with some inventive guitar flourishes while also featuring some electronic influences.

The balance was just right but with her follow-up, Work It Out, the record seems to be pulled in two directions.

Opening track 'For You' could have been written for Like I Used To but it is immediately followed by the synth-heavy 'Our Eyes' and the album chops and changes in style like this throughout.

Among the highlights are the piano-led Nebraska, the brooding Köln and Into The Wild which is reminiscent of Laura Marling.

But tracks with more of a contemporary electronic influence like Fly High, My Life and Cover Up rob the songs of some of their intimacy and raw quality.

That said, despite all of the album's confusion, Rose, who was inspired by Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, has proved herself to be hugely talented and one of best young hopes for a new generation of singer-songwriters.

Her voice is exceptional and she has already collaborated with the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Manic Street Preachers.

The only real disappointment of Work It Out is its sickly sweet love song lyrics.

You cannot exactly say that Rose's debut, Like I Used To, had amazing lyrics either but she got away with it.

When she was three years younger, it was about the disorientating and dizzying sense of falling in love for the first time. Now it seems like nobody's business.

- Lucy Roses performs at Manchester Academy on October 19