FORGET Cannes.

Manchester Film Festival, the first event of its kind, is coming to the AMC Cinema from July 10 to 12.

The festival at Great Northern Warehouse will feature everything from UK and world premieres, documentaries, short films, music videos and student films.

World premieres include Matthew Ogens' Meet The Hitlers on Friday and Hisao Kurosawa’s ‘Many Beautiful Things’ on Saturday.

Meet The Hitlers is a documentary which explores the issues of immigration, racism, and tolerance through the lives of real people who are linked by the name 'Hitler.'

Many Beautiful Things features Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery and Indiana Jones’ John Rhys-Davies.

The documentary is about Lilias Trotter, one of the greatest female artists of the Victorian era when women were thought incapable of producing high art.

Other highlights include the UK premiere of ‘Two Down’, brought to the screen by executive producers Stephen Fry and Sir Derek Jacobi.

The festival will also be presenting ‘One Word’ from Manchester-born filmmaker Caleb Shaffer, the UK premiere of ‘My Voice, My Life’ by Oscar nominated director Ruby Yang, ‘Him Upstairs’ with Ricky Tomlinson and ‘Caring for the Recently Deceased’ featuring Sue Johnston.

Neil Jeram-Croft, director of operations, said: "Manchester has always been a destination for culture in the UK, so it seemed like the perfect setting for the festival.

"There really is something for everyone in the programme and we’re looking forward to celebrating established and amateur filmmakers alike."

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Full listings

Friday, July 10

Screen 1

7pm: Touch (UK Premiere)

9.15pm: Not My Day (UK Premiere)

Screen 2

7pm: Meet the Hitlers (International Premiere)

9pm:  My Voice, My Life (UK Premiere)

Saturday, July 11

Screen 1

11am: Kyra Kyralina (UK Premiere)

1.15pm: Many Beautiful Things (World Premiere)

3.20pm:  The Long Way Home (UK Premiere)

5.40pm: Desert Cathedral (UK Premiere)

8pm: Two Down (UK Premiere)

10.15pm: The Last Executioner (UK Premiere)

Screen 2

11am: Students and experimental music videos

- Monumenting

- Imprisoned

- Open 24 Hours

- Dark was the Night

- Inbetween Frames

- Horizon

- Descent

- Sing the Sand into Pearls

- Emperor of Nowhere

- Vertinginous Hole

- Factures

- Magic

12.30pm: Documentary Shorts

- Tall Tales 2

- Coyote and the Rock

- Thank you Stan

- The Looking Planet

- The Present

- Without a Doubt

- Tik Tok

2pm: Personal Gold (UK Premiere)

4.15pm: International Shorts

- What If

- The Answers

- El Hueco

- Bis Gleich

- Everything will be OK

6.15pm: British Shorts Session1

- Caring for the Recently Deceased

- One Word

- The Split

- Him Upstairs

- The Fly

8.30pm: Padrone E Soto (UK Premiere)

10.30pm: The Undertaker (UK Premiere)

Sunday, July 12

Screen 1

11am: Sidewalk Traffic

1.30pm: Is this the Real World

3.30pm: Love is now

5.50pm: The Pilgrim

8.20pm: The Imago

Screen 2

11am: Animated Shorts

12:30pm: International Shorts

2.30pm: American Native


- Gasping

- Into the Surf

- The Hooke

- Beverly

6.30pm: Buskin Blues’ (UK Premiere)

8.10pm: Gazelle (UK Premiere)