WE have seen the rise of the popularity of Graze and Riverford boxes with healthy snacks and fruit and veg posted to your door.

But now craft beer has become the latest craze for home delivery.

Companies like Honest Brew have cropped up over the last couple of years in response to the craft beer revolution.

'New world' beers may be more popular than ever but many supermarkets and off-licences have been slow to catch on.

So the idea of the subscription services is to bridge the gap for beer enthusiasts and champion the microbreweries that would otherwise have a smaller reach.

Honest Brew in Victoria, London, is one of many subscription services that set up in 2013 and now works with more than 50 craft breweries .

Yes, it's expensive but beer is one of those things where you genuinely get what you pay for and there is a really reasonable deal on the taster kit, which Weekend reviewed, which is £9.

This starter box has six drinks – in bottles and cans – and the idea is that if you continue to subscribe you can rate what comes in the post and find the tasting notes that suit you to make a personalised profile.

Then future deliveries will be along those lines but with ever changing beers you have probably not tried before.

With that in mind, the taster kit has a bit of everything as a starting point.

Weekend's kit included Honest Brew's own Straight Up amber ale, Camden Town's Hells lager, Beavertown Neck Oil session IPA, Tiny Rebel's Urban IPA, Wild Beer Co's Epic Saison and Five Points' Railway Porter.

The only beer I had previously tried from the selection was Urban IPA thanks to a visit to the excellent Urban Tap House in Cardiff, the brewery tap of Tiny Rebel, which is sort of like Welsh answer to BrewDog.

So part of the fun of sampling the kit was the little discoveries along the way.

Camden Town's Hells, a crisp and satisfying drink best enjoyed in the sun, might make you re-define what you think you know about lager.

But the best was Wild Beer Co's Epic Saison, an experimental drink from Somerset which was like a cross between a Belgian beer and a hoppy ale.

- To try Honest Brew's taster kit for £9 visit honestbrew.co.uk and use the code beerforme