Therapy? - Disquiet

THERAPY? have sold about two million records in a music career dating back 25 years.

But although the Northern Ireland band have released 14 albums in that time, half of their album sales are actually just from 1994's Troublegum.

Melodic but with big riffs and dark lyrics, it combined pop, punk and metal and became an iconic release for rock fans.

So it is of little surprise that of all of the trio's work that is the one they have chosen to revisit.

Disquiet is a sequel of sorts to Troublegum.

Both are concept albums featuring the same tormented and confused protagonist with the new album exploring where that unnamed troubled soul might be 20 years later.

As the song Helpless Still Lost shows, this sympathetic figure is still driven by 'alcohol, fear and rage' and the album's closing track signs off with the message that he is 'no closer to wisdom'.

It was both an interesting idea and risky move to revisit the themes of Troublegum but this approach just highlights how much better their 1994 album really is.

But listen to Disquiet in its own right and there is lots to admire here.

A record that rewards repeat listens, it is filled with inventive riffs, throbbing bass lines and thundering drums which come together on great tracks like Good News Is No News.

The CD was also produced by Tom Dalgety, who worked on Royal Blood's debut album, and you can feel his influence here.

- Therapy? play at Manchester Academy 2 on April 18