Pedro Ximenez 2012, £7, Marks and Spencer

Two wines made especially for M&S this week starting with a dry white from Chile’s most northerly growing region, the Elqui Valley.

Pedro Ximenez is best known as grape traditionally grown in Andalucia in southern Spain and used in dessert wines but here it produces a crisp dryness with pear and pineapple flavours.

Deliciously different.

Fragoso Merlot 2013, £7.50, Marks and Spencer

We’ve all heard of Chilean Merlot but this version comes from the Mendoza region of neighbouring Argentina and is smooth, rounded and full of ripe cherries.

At £7.50 it is good value for a red which will go down a treat with lamb or beef casserole and is also light enough to drink on its own.

The alcohol level is a comparatively sensible 13%.