HE has provided Warrington's jukebox for more than two years.

But now Lee Harman has decided to press pause on Warrington Music [WAM], a project he set up single-handedly to work with the town's artists and host live events.

Since September 2012, the former Priestley College student has worked with almost all of Warrington's musicians and brought rising bands into the town like Blitz Kids and Hacktivist.

But Lee said he has found it tough to maintain a team of volunteers behind the scenes and dedicate the time for coverage.

The 26-year-old has also found it a struggle to find a platform for music with many of Warrington's venues choosing not to host live events on a regular basis.

"What I really didn’t want to do was run [WAM] into the ground," said Lee, who also ran Warrington's Asylum alternative club nights.

"I wanted it to have a legacy and some great achievements behind it. I’ll still be involved with the music scene but more as a fan. I’m taking a step back.

"I’m still going to be turning up to gigs and will still be at the front."

At its height, Warrington Music's website had 7,000 views in July last year thanks to coverage of Warrington Music Festival.

Lee, a former Woolston High School pupil, added: "We had a really high number of people turning to the website for information on the festival.

"We had a Facebook page dedicated to the festival which was updated daily so it was a really great resource for the bands and also people who were coming to the festival for the first time or for the 10th time."

More than 5,300 tracks have also downloaded from seven [WAM] compilations and EPs and 77,500 have watched videos on Warrington Music's YouTube channel.

Lee said: "Some of it has been hard work but generally it’s been really enjoyable. I’ve made some good friends – people who I’ve worked with and the artists who have really appreciated what has been done for them and the scene."

The first [WAM] live event was at Friars Court with Slydigs in November 2012.

"I helped bring Slydigs back to Warrington for the first time in a very long time and now they’re supporting The Who," added Lee, from Padgate.

"I’ve done shows in pretty much every venue in Warrington really. I’ve built up a good working relationship with the likes of Friars Court, The Venue and The Lounge. Most of it has started from finding an opportunity and grabbing with both hands."

That led to big bookings with Nantwich rockers Blitz Kids in September 2013 and Milton Keynes rap metal band Hacktivist in March 2014.

Lee, who will continue to shoot music videos for Warrington artists, said: "The aim has been to generate interest and excitement about music in Warrington.

"Hacktivist are now playing regular European shows and Blitz Kids have had a top 40 album. They’re going on to huge things.

"There were the grassroots events like putting on an acoustic gig in the bus station but then with events like these we had almost 200 people crowd surfing."

Lee even embraced the jet set life when he joined Warrington folk punk band Roughneck Riot on their tour of France, Belgium and Germany in July.

"It was a fantastic experience taking in a lot of new places," he added.

"We went to a festival in Germany and there were thousands of people there so that was quite memorable. But probably one of the highlights was playing in a squat in Bruges in front of 40 or 50 punks!"

- The Warrington Music website and Facebook page will continue until further notice but with limited content and Lee will continue to write his music column for Weekend.