Hand Selected Gavi 2012, £7, Spar

There’s all manner of festive fare around just now and here’s a well-priced, light white you don’t need to go far for.

Hand Selected is the brand name for Spar’s own wines and Gavi is zesty, fresh tasting and made with local Cortese grapes in the Piemonte hills of North West Italy close to the Alpine peaks.

It’s just 11.5% alcohol and lovely.

Santa Rita 120 Pinot Noir 2013, £8, Spar

Santa Rita is not the wife of Father Christmas but the name of the vineyard in Chile’s Aconcagua Valley where reputedly 120 patriots found refuge in 1814 while fighting for their country’s independence.

It’s not clear whether they actually drank this raspberry and black cherry-flavoured, smooth, 13.5% alcohol Pinot Noir – but you can and should.