Sara and Sara Friulano 2010, £9.49,

Winemakers have to produce in enormous volume to get onto British supermarket shelves.

Smaller vineyards used to have to rely in a handful of independent shops but online retailers have changed that.

This strong (14.5%), peachy white from the north easternmost part of Italy bordering Austria and Slovenia is 10% cheaper if you buy six bottles.

Mas d’Amile Carignan 2010, £8.09,

Another example of canny online shopping is this exclusively-sourced red from France’s southern Languedoc region which works out at just £7.28 if you buy half a dozen at a time.

It’s made from Carignan grapes grown on a single hectare site with a tiny family winery.

Rugged, rich, tasty, 13% alcohol and good value.