Indomita Gran Reserva 2013, £5.49, Co-Op

You have until October 7 to snap up this crispy green apple and pineapple-tasting Sauvignon Blanc at £2 below its normal price of £7.49.

The lively, award-winning dry white comes from Chile’s highly rated Bio Bio Valley and is specially imported by the Co-Op.

A sensible 12.5% alcohol doesn’t stop it being a big wine as well as a bargain.

Jour de Nuit 2011, £7.99, Co-Op

There’s another £2 saving here too until October 7 on a super French red that is usually £9.99.

Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon have been blended exclusively for the Co-op in the famed Languedoc region of the south and the result is a mix of blackberry and bilberry flavours with hints of vanilla and tobacco.

Alcohol is 13.5% and it’s just the thing to go with a good steak of a hearty stew as autumn rolls in.