Domaines Schlumberger Riesling 2011, £13.99, Majestic

Until September 1st if you buy two bottles of this elegant white from France’s Alsace region you get them for £11.89.

That’s a significant saving for lemon flavours and a hint of ginger in a steely dry wine from a vineyard that’s more than 200 years old and the largest privately-owned affair in the region. Just 12.5% alcohol.

Alpha Zeta V Valpolicella 2013, £9.99,

Although the first and last letters of the alphabet make up the name of this Italian red almost everything else to do with it begins with ‘V’.

It’s a good example of workaday Valpolicella from the Valpantena Valley, in the hills outside the city of Verona in the region of Veneto! Alcohol is 12.5%, there are loads of black cherries and in short it is Very tasty.