Extra Special Douro 2010, £6, Asda

Here’s a great own-label red for summer barbecues at an excellent price.

The Douro Valley runs East to West across central Portugal reaching the Atlantic at the city of Oporto, where port comes from.

The grapes are the country’s own Touriga Nacional and Tina Roriz better known in Spain as Tempranillo.

Alcohol is 13% and it’s rich and meaty.

Calvet Picpoul De Pinet 2013, £7.25, Asda

Picpoul are white grapes grown near the coast in the Languedoc region deep in the south of France.

Calvet are one of the country’s biggest producers and at Pinet they are among many makers of this lovely, lemony flavoured wine which tastes young and almost zesty.

The alcohol level is just 12% and this is another great summer drink.