Five things you might not have known about Red Dwarf actor and comedian Norman Lovett

1. He has recorded a new pilot for Channel 4 called Sit.Com, written by David Baddiel.

“I haven’t done telly for years,” said the 67-year-old.

“I haven’t even got an agent and suddenly they got in touch with me for this part as a grandpa.

“It’s about a computer family and young kids that are obsessed with the internet and all that stuff. And the granddad is high-tech as well – he’s on the case.

“I forgot how hard the work is for filming and how many people are involved for a half hour TV programme.

“I used to do quite a lot of TV. It was little bits like three episodes of The Bill and Rab C Nesbitt, my own series called I, Lovett and even Gordon the Gopher.

“He had a little sit com and I was the stage manager for three episodes!”

Warrington Guardian:

2. He would like to reprise his role as Holly if a new Red Dwarf series is aired – but he is only interested in a cameo.

“So many people want me back on the show again,” said Norman.

“My feeling is I’d like to come back for an episode. That would be quite interesting because I’m the right age to play Holly now.

“I was a 41-year-old playing a senile old git and I’m 67 now and probably better suited to it.

“But I won’t lose any sleep if it doesn’t happen because I just know the classic stuff was the first two series when the writers were together.”

Warrington Guardian:

3. He supported The Clash in Derby in 1980 as part of the alternative comedy movement.

“It was unforgettable,” he said.

“I went down really well with the crowd and I remember watching The Clash afterwards and they were fantastic.

“I then got a lift back home to London with one of the roadies in the van and he was moaning about Joe Strummer ruining a lot of microphones because of the way he sang.

“I thought that was a small price to say but I didn’t say anything in case he dropped me off on the side of the motorway.”

Warrington Guardian:

4. He is a big fan of the original Sugababes – and they have become a part of his stand-up routine.

Norman said: “I love the original Sugababes. I think their singles were great and I love Mutya’s voice.

“But what happened is they gradually left the band and new members took over.

“The story continues as the original Sugababes have come back.

“But they can’t call themselves Sugababes even though they came up with the name in the school playground when they were 14! The record company owns it.”

Warrington Guardian:

5. He would like a classic Red Dwarf scene to be played on the news when he dies.

He said: “When I die if there’s no other news like war against Russia I like to think they might play the ‘Everybody’s dead Dave’ clip just to link it in with death.

“That would be quite nice but I wouldn’t know anything about it! The legacy that Red Dwarf has left is astonishing.

“You meet young people that are watching it who weren’t even born when the first series aired.

“It doesn’t dominate my life but it doesn’t go away and I don’t think it ever will. I think even when I’m dead Holly will live on.”

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