SOME people might eat cakes as comfort food if they lost their job. But instead, a Fearnhead mum bakes them as her new career.

Lindsay Aldon, who has five children including Lauren, aged 13, Mia, aged 10, Evan, aged nine, Neve, aged five and Rowan, aged 18 months, was made redundant from TalkTalk after almost 10 years.

“Being a mum of five and also being made redundant made me very nervous,” she said.

“Since being at home, I took up baking just as bit of a pass time which has in time turned into a business.

“My four oldest are at school during the day so I only have my toddler with me, so I have the time on my hands that I didn’t before.

“It has been a bit crazy because I only started baking big cakes last November, so it’s still early days.

“I am also completely and crazily alone. I bake everything by myself but I do have about 9,000 likes on my Facebook page so I must be doing something right."

Lindsay, of Stonehaven Drive, taught herself from home.

“I actually haven’t had any baking training," the 33-year-old added.

"I did take a couple of classes but mostly I just taught myself from the internet. There’s quite a big community of bakers on Facebook. We all help each other by giving advice, which is great.”

Lindsay’s husband, Graham, is a hotel manager and took some of her cakes into work with him.

She said: “I am very proud of myself because the chef in the hotel was impressed."

You can order anything from salted caramel cakes, carrot, and chocolate fudge to red velvet cakes.

And the designs fit every event from a children's party with the likes of Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam to 60th birthday cakes and much more.

For a wedding cake, Lindsay arranges a consultation where she gets out the china and allows customers to try a range of flavours.

She added: “I get sent pictures from people asking: 'Can you make this?' And it’s the most gigantic thing you’ve ever seen. It can be a challenge but I believe that I am capable of making anything.”

Lindsay hopes to move towards specialising in wedding cakes and dreams of having her own wedding cake shop in the near future.

She said: “I am proud of myself. It’s all about following your dreams.”

“My top tip would be to put a bowl of water at the bottom of the oven. It makes the sponge moist.”

To contact Lindsay visit, email or call 07809874719.