LOSING a job can make you lose hope.

But when Simon Grimes and Emma Catterall-Grimes found themselves out of work they let their imaginations take flight.

They now run what is probably the most unique restaurant in Warrington after transforming a unit in Crown Street into an aircraft hangar themed burger bar.

The idea for Hangar Number 4 took off when the couple were laid off at around the same time in May 2014.

Simon worked in environmental management and Emma was in recruitment and they had two kids to feed, four-year-old Louis and one-year-old Frankie-Rae.

But when they made their departure from work they looked at it as a fresh start and skydived in to the new venture.

Simon, who went backpacking around the world with Emma in 2006 and 2007, said: "We started with a blank piece of paper and we just wrote down what we liked doing and what our interests were and top of the list was food and travel.

"We saw this unit and it inspired us even more to have an aviation theme because it is shaped a little bit like a hangar. Then we came up with the name and the ‘destinations’ and it took a life of its own."

Hangar Number 4's 'destinations' include New York, Memphis, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Mexico City, London, Paris, Hamburg, Los Angeles and Nashville which each represent themed burgers.

And when you walk in through 'arrivals' there is even part of a Cessna Citation II jet by the bar.

Simon and Emma, who get the restaurant's meat and vegetables from Warrington Market, painstakingly deconstructed and then reconstructed the plane after buying it from Richard Parr, of Retro Aviation.

"We found there was quite a community of aviation geeks around the country," said Simon, aged 35.

"Retro Aviation supplies aeroplanes for films and TV and did one of the James Bond films.

"But Richard also runs a museum in Cornwall and he had a plane lying about so we jumped at the chance. We just wanted it for a big centrepiece really but it blew the whole decoration budget

"To get it in we had to take the doors off the front and then we were like ancient Egyptians with pallet trucks pulling it along."

Emma, aged 37, added: "When we were in the refurbishment stage people couldn’t believe their eyes when they walked past and saw the plane and now that we’re open everybody wants their picture stood next to it.

"It’s something completely different."

The aviation theme continues throughout the restaurant.

There are aircraft seats, tables shaped like wings, suitcases by the door, flags and clocks telling the time in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

Kids get their meal on an in-flight tray and the cutlery is even from British Airways first class.

Simon said: "We're also toying with the idea of developing the jet as an exclusive seating area or for kids' parties. We've put everything into Hangar Number 4 and hopefully it will take off."

- Hangar Number 4 has created five jobs and Simon and Emma are now looking for an apprentice. Anyone interested should send their CV to hangarnumber4@gmail.com