IN response to Joan James letter re the building of an Aldi in Gemini, the comment “we cannot just keep building the same thing” is somewhat sweeping (Warrington Guardian, February 3).

There is no we, there is Aldi.

They are the organisation wishing to invest in a store.

If the proposal is denied then I doubt very much that Booths or Waitrose will gallop to a planners meeting with their proposal.

They are the higher end of supermarket chains with a particular customer base usually located in the more affluent areas i.e. Knutsford and Hale Barns.

Whilst we do have affluent areas of Warrington, the majority of the population are on budgets which now have to include rising fuel prices and interest rates and basically want value for their pound.

I was working in Knutsford when their Aldi was built.

Planning approval had been denied for some time but when it was granted and the store built the queue was a mile long on the first day of opening.

Obviously a sign that times and pockets were changing.

Marks and Spencer in Gemini is already providing for those who wish a higher end of food supplier but it is apparent that Aldi have seen an opportunity with those shoppers who want to browse round Ikea, Boots and Next then without having to travel far, nip in for a few groceries.

While Aldi and Lidl may be classed as budget supermarkets there is no denying their attraction.

The demise of the high street started a long time ago with supermarkets selling meat, veg and groceries cheaper than the high street all under one roof appealing to busier households who want to get the shopping done once a week.

The variety and choice will only come when someone takes the risk to open a shop and hope their products sell.

CATHERINE WEAVER Fairfield and Howley