I OFTEN think Gary Bebbington could be Prime Minister, because he seems to have the same staggering inability to think properly as Boris Johnson, Warrington Guardian, December 30.

If he wants to go to Northwich or Leigh, good luck.

But do you not think if you bought a Northwich newspaper every week it would not be full of similar letter writers moaning about the closure of the M&S and Bratts?

Or of what a waste of money Barons Quay was or why the council cannot fix the constant flooding?

And if he got the Leigh one, it would be commenting on how the town centre has died to accommodate retail parks.

In short, everywhere has problems.

Lots of them, the same.

Town centres and high streets have the same challenges everywhere.

Debenhams didn’t just shut in Warrington.

So think a little before unleashing your diatribe of nonsense, or check some facts.

BILL BURROWS Stockton Heath

JOY of joys, Gary Bebbington is fed up of Warrington.

2022 would be greatly improved for a lot of us if he removed himself and his biased opinions from the town he has so much disdain for.

Get yourself back to Chester or your preferred towns of Leigh or Northwich, let those residents get a bellyful of you like we’ve had for years.


P JOHNSON Woolston

THINGS are looking up for 2022 as Gary Bebbington may be considering to leave Warrington for as he writes it no longer appeals to him.

His choice of Northwich or Leigh would be ideal for him.

However, my geography teacher (Boteler Grammar School) taught me that Leigh is north of the River Mersey.