I WOULD just like to commend a checkout girl today in Asda on December 16.

I am just getting over cancer and getting on with life, being careful wearing my mask as I have always done since the virus struck, having had two friends who died of the virus.

All checkout staff wear masks with one exception.

While waiting to be served in the queue the lady in front had a mask on and was being served.

I was next to be served when all of a sudden a man came from nowhere and caught me on my side while crushing through the queue to get out of Asda.

He had no mask on and looked very healthy. He was smartly dressed and I would say in his sixties.

The lovely girl who was serving us shouted this is not the way out of Asda and why aren’t you wearing a mask.

She got abuse back off him as she said to him you should not be in here without a mask.

He had no evidence of exemption on him.

The checkout girl was so upset.

Why oh why are people like this over not wanting to wear masks? I will never know.

I have been in shops in Warrington and this is the first time any checkout person has challenged a thoughtless person.

Well done to her.

She stood her ground and certainly got the message across to him that he should be ashamed of himself.