YET again the residents of Wash Lane have been ignored by the organisers of the Neighbourhood Weekender.

I have nothing against the event, it brings revenue into the town.

What I do object to is the fact that Wash Lane is used as a taxi rank/pick up point after each day draws to a close, with horns blaring, engines running, car doors slamming and loud, inebriated festival-goers staggering back to their lifts home. We were issued residents parking permits this year, why?

When it wasn’t enforced by anybody and people just parked up anyway.

There is a council owned car park at the playing fields on Loushers Lane, I counted four cars on there on Saturday afternoon.

Couldn’t the organisers and the council get their heads together and use this.

It has direct access to the Black Bear footpath leading down to the event.

On a positive note, it stopped the ‘boy racers’ from hurtling down Wash Lane at speeds in excess of 60mph for a short time.


I THINK the idea of a local festival in Warrington is fab, but it’s just a shame the organisers don’t consider local residents.

We live on St Mary’s Street and it took my partner one-and-a-half hours to get home from work due to road closures and stewards who don’t know the road names or have zero respect for the residents.

It is completely unacceptable that residents are left in the dark about the event including road closures.

We are given a parking permit which is not useful if you can’t access your own street.


THE nuisance caused by inconsiderate Kent Street Methodist churchgoers is getting worse.

Despite being asked very politely to stop blocking roads, parking on street corners, opposite junctions, their parking is getting worse.

A resident has his business van parked and when the church was opening, two cars parked sandwiched his van leaving millimetres of space either side.

They are double parked on bends limiting traffic which can enter the estate and they have a complete ignorance to what they are causing.

A resident permit zone was put in place for Neighbourhood Weekender and yet these non resident churchgoers have all got resident passes and causing more inconvenience than festival goers ever would.

A permanent resident permit zone needs to be put in place and no passes given to these non-residents.